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Breast Enhancement Experts

If you are unsatisfied with your breasts, whether it’s because of their natural size or previous need for surgical alteration such as breast cancer, breast augmentation surgery is a common solution. This procedure is now a safer than it has ever before. The team of highly trained and experienced surgeons make your breast augmentation Phuket experience as simple and straight forward as possible for each of our patients

It is common for women to experience dissatisfaction with how their breasts look, and no matter what the reason is for looking into breast implants, you can be reassured in the knowledge of how frequently this procedure is performed.

breast implants thailand

Sometimes people may simply desire larger or fuller breasts. That’s perfectly normal, and the process shouldn’t be scary to you.

If you’ve been required to have a breast amputated, it is not unusual to feel unbalanced or unattractive as a result. Whilst we believe all women are beautiful, we empathize with any feelings of discomfort you may be experiencing. Many women can get by with prosthetics for day-to-day use, but for some people these are uncomfortable, or just don’t make them feel confident in their looks.

When undergoing a breast augmentation, you have the option to recover in the hospital. However, the procedure can also be done as an outpatient process, meaning you come in, have your surgery, and leave the same day.

Doubts and fears shouldn’t be a reason not to look and feel the way you deserve to, and we are happy to answer any questions about the procedure and have provided a detailed list of questions and answers that patients ask us about the procedure, like how to choose the right breast implant size for their body type and lots of other information that will put your mind at ease.

Your Breast Augmentation Phuket Experience

We take great pride in our doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals on staff, as well as the environment we provide our services in.

We offer only the best of consultants, surgeons and hospitals available to our clients. You can be confident in the quality of our hospitals, and you’ll be impressed when you see them for yourself.

Our surgeons and consultants in the Phuket area are experienced in the various procedures we offer. We aim to better cater to your unique body shape and breast enhancement desires.

It is always recommended that you consult with your local doctor before coming in for surgery. We provide all the details that you’ll need to talk with them about. Because of this, we offer English-speaking consultants that are available every day of your stay. This service is one that’s included with all of our packages for your convenience.

Our plastic surgery experts are mostly native to the west, and are fluent English speakers so you can rest assured that there will be no loss of information during any conversions you have about your procedure.

You also won’t have to worry about talking to a different doctor every time you have a question either, as you will have the same consultant for entire process.

As a bonus, we provide a phone that works in Phuket, so you can stay in touch with the team if you have any questions or concerns before surgery, and keep up with any problems or worries you might have about the recovery process post-surgery.

What Is Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is a phrase can sound quite intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s actually very easy as far as surgeries go. A few small incisions are made around either the nipples, under the breasts or under your arms, depending upon the shape of your breasts. If you have any concerns about where scars are and their size, you can discuss this with your doctor, along with the size enhancement you’re looking for.

Your silicone implant shell is then inserted and filled with your choice of silicone or saline. While many people think silicone implants feel more real, they can pose more of a health problem if ruptured.

Saline implants are safely absorbed by the body if they happen fail, whilst a silicone implant must be removed or replaced as soon as possible post-rupture.

Your surgeon will make sure you understand everything involved before starting your breast augmentation Phuket surgery, They will talk you through the all the items and important pieces of information you should consider when having a breast augmentation procedure completed.

In either case, it is recommended you have your breasts assessed every two-to-three years to check for leaks, and correct them as necessary.

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We understand that an implant may not last a lifetime, and are prepared to correct them for you, or correct an implant you have received somewhere else, as well as provide your initial breast augmentation surgery.

The operation is relatively simple, and general anesthesia is usually applied, so you can sleep soundly while it’s being performed, allowing any pain to be minimal, and only experienced during the healing process.

Breast Augmentation, Enhancement, Reductions & Enlargements

When considering breast surgery, it’s important to have an experienced surgeon, ideally with more than five years of surgical training and two years of plastic surgery experience.

Our surgeons are qualified both in terms of experience and education. We are skilled in implanting both silicone and saline breast enlargements as well as resizing procedures.  Our expert anesthesiologists administer general anesthesia so that your surgery is as pain-free as possible. Our surgeons and doctors operate only in the highest quality hospitals available in Phuket.

Cleanliness and comfort are a standard we aim to not only meet, but also exceed, and our customers have expressed their gratitude for our consideration after almost every booking.

A sense of quality is extremely important for even the most trivial of doctor’s visits, and we understand that it is important to you for this step. Along with these talented doctors, we have expert consultants who are native English speakers for your convenience.


breast augmentation thailand

Our consultants are all very experienced, which means that we’re well equipped for any question or concern. Trust us – it’s unlikely to be anything we haven’t heard before!

Our friendly consultants are passionate about providing the best information and assistance to you. They’ll make you feel welcome in Phuket, as well as ease your nerves about undergoing your procedure. We take great pride in providing the best of service to each and every one of our valued patients every time.

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cost breast augmentationContact us to schedule your consultation, travel window and other accommodations.

implants boobsWe set you up with a phone, English speaking consultant, and hotel booking (with some packages).

cosmetic surgery costYou are in and out, on your road to recovery and feeling like you look better than ever before.

Cosmetic Surgery Holiday Packages

Traveling to another country is exciting! It’s almost as exciting as getting the body you always wanted.

For you to truly be able to enjoy both of these great experiences, the team at Breast Implants Phuket have created a series of packages for people who wish to have their surgery completed while avoiding all of the headaches like disappointing hotels and high price taxi fares.

We have listed all of the details about each of the breast augmentation thailand packages offered by Breast Implants Phuket and would be glad to talk with you to make a booking or even just to talk about your feelings and thoughts on having cosmetic surgery done abroad.