Breast Implants Phuket That Won’t Cost a Fortune

Having breast augmentation treatment is fast becoming the most popular procedure in the cosmetic industry. Every year there are thousands of travelers who visit Phuket for all types of great reasons. The island lifestyle, its amazing food and scenery as well as the plastic surgery and health procedures that can be completed for a fraction of the costs in other countries.

The cosmetic surgeons at Breast Implants Phuket are among the best in Thailand and each year we help hundreds of women attain the feminine figure that they have always dreamed of having. A breast implant or augmentation procedure is a great option for women who have naturally smaller breasts and would like to appear fuller in clothes, or for mothers who have breast fed which resulted in a loss of fullness.

augmentation phuketAbout The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Each of the team at Breast Implants Phuket have decades of experience in all types of plastic surgery procedures and we understand that making your decision to have breast augmentation treatment involves more than just selecting the new cup size that you think will look the sexiest or make you look more appealing to other people.

Our English speaking team will guide you through the entire process of determining which size, and shape and position of you breast implants will be the most suitable for your body type, now as well as in the future. The individualized questionnaire and testing process guarantees that your breasts will look natural and have minimal signs of any scar tissue.

Some Benefits of Having Breast Implants

Every woman’s body is unique and the same goes for their personality and goals in life. We can offer advice on the entire procedure and have some breast augmentation review videos that our patients have shared as well. All the information you need is available to make sure you are completely comfortable with increasing the size of your breasts, restoring their shape and volume that may have been lost during pregnancy or an accident. Even weight fluctuations can cause problems with breast size that you might be a cause of embarrassment for you. Our surgeons will help identify and plan the the best shape and options are going to be the most beneficial for you after having this very straight forward plastic surgery procedure right here in Phuket.

The surgeons at Breast Implants Phuket use the latest techniques to make your breasts look perfectly natural, giving you the confidence that you’ve always wanted.

Is Breast Augmentation Surgery The Right Option For You?

There are so many reasons that our patients decide to have their breast implant procedure complete with us here in Phuket. We receive a lot of inquiries from Australian women who can achieve their dream of having fuller breasts without paying a fortune in their own country. The breast implant costs in Thailand is much less than in most countries around the world.

The cost of the procedure is why a lot of women visit us, but determining and ensuring they are good candidates for the plastic surgery is the first and most important parts of our job. The best candidates for breast augmentation in Phuket are women who are wanting to have fuller breasts. Women who want to enhance their overall feminine figure. Women who are wanting to restore their breast to their former shape after pregnancy or weight loss.

Another good candidate for breast augmentation in Phuket are women who may have developed some asymmetry in their natural breasts and wish to restore them to be perfectly balanced and evenly shaped.

What Prerequisites Are There For Breast Augmentation Surgery

We understand there may be some big emotional pressures on you that make it seem like the breast implant procedure needs to be completed as soon as possible. The team at Breast Implants Phuket will review your individual case and talk through the entire process with you every step of the way.

Typically in order to be able to have breast augmentation in Phuket you will need to be physically healthy and have a reasonable fitness level. This is important as it means you’re either at or very close to your ideal body weight which factors into the size and shape of breast implants that will be the most natural for your body type.

Most commonly we complete breast implants in Phuket for women who have relatively small framed bodies and which to have breasts that are more aligned to their size and physique. A small implant is all that’s needed for these cases and it’s quite simple to make the shape of the breasts fuller and perkier during the procedure.

Alternates to Breast Implant treatment

Depending on your individual case there may be other, more effective options that can be more beneficial to make sure you’re completely happy with the results of your surgery. A breast lift in Phuket can be a great option for mothers who have experienced a significant amount of breast droop or sagging since pregnancy, or women who have lost a large amount of weight in a short period of time.

Your plastic surgeon at Breast Implant Phuket will do a complete examination and be able to advise you if including a breast lift with your augmentation procedure would achieve results that you are seeking.

Our team are always available on 095 384 0018 or you can send us an email at any time and we will respond to all of your questions within 1-2 business days.