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If you’re looking for affordable breast implants, we invite you to reach out to us any day of the week.

You’ll speak with an English speaking consultant, free of charge and commitment, to arrange the best window and services for you or simply inquire about our services or breast enhancement in general. There are no pressure sales, and we’ll explain the varying perks of any one of our breast augmentation Thailand packages to you and allow you to select the one you are most comfortable with, either in terms of price or service provided. If no one is in when you call, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We take pride in being prompt with our responses, and usually respond to messages the following business day. In most cases you will be able to speak to the doctor completing the plastic surgery for you after the initial screening call and some basic information has been confirmed. It’s simply not fair to leave you guessing about when we’ll call, or if we want you as a patient. That’s why our staff is so large. They are also informed enough to answer most any question you have during that first call, but if you come up with something they aren’t familiar with, our English speaking doctors are open daily to answer anything that’s on your mind.

If you’re not comfortable making a call, or if you’re inquiring from work or another place where it would be inappropriate, we welcome email inquiries as well as phone calls. We try to respond just as quickly as to phone calls, and insure that email responses will be written in native English. It’s important that you feel comfortable communicating with us, and we make it a priority to respond in a way that is clear and concise, as well as easily understandable.

We hope you’ll reach out to us if you are considering breast enhancement surgery, or just looking for more information. We don’t charge you to talk or answer the initial questions you might have, ever, and there is no commitment implied when you call or email. This is part of our no pressure system. We don’t want to make you feel forced to rush through your procedure, so feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns with the peace of mind that we won’t push anything on you as a result.