Most of the time when you start to consider having plastic surgery to your breasts, the most common thoughts that most people have is the material to be used. Obviously things like size and shape are high on the list as well, but generally all new patient inquiries start with asking about which material is the best.

To be honest from the start, there is more than Silicone, Saline and Foam options that you’ll need to consider when talking with our cosmetic surgeons in Phuket. But there’s no cause for alarm. Every option and choice will be clearly explained and you’ll have all the time that you need to reach a decision that you’re comfortable with.

Other Breast Implant choices

The main role of the Breast Implants Phuket team is to make sure you have all the information about the procedures and the various options presented in an easy to understand program. Factors like the surface texture of your breast implants being smooth or slightly textured is just one example of the little things that can make a big difference in the final result. We make sure that all your questions are answered and there are no surprises.

A few more examples of things to consider when you’re considering to have breast augmentation in Phuket are the shape and profile of the implants. These 2 points have a big impact on the final result of how your breast will look and feel after the procedure.

Be sure to ask about the various incision options that are available. The type and area of incisions does depend on the material and size of the implants, but it’s important to know where the cut will be made and how long they will be as well as any potential issues post-surgery like longer recovery times or more intense pain for a limited period.

Everything you need to know

The main thing is that you don’t feel overwhelmed. We know how much thought and emotion goes into considering having breast augmentation. But don’t feel like you’re alone or need to do everything yourself.

The team at Breast Implants Phuket can take care of you through the entire process. We have some great packages available that includes the entire breast augmentation procedure as well as flights to Phuket, private transport to one of the many 5 star hotels that we have partnered with to give our patients the best experience available. You can rest on the beach and have access to plenty of things to help you relax and recover in a nice warm and peaceful environment.

We’ll make sure that you are aware of all the advantages and potential issues of undergoing any type of plastic surgery. The team at Breast Implants Phuket will make sure you are as well educated about the entire procedure and you have quick access to any questions that you might have during any stage of the surgery. It’s this service that sets us apart from other surgeries in Thailand and the rest of the world and ensures that you get the perfect breasts that you’ve been dreaming of having for years.

Choosing the Right Breast Implant Size

In all the years we have been providing breast augmentation in Phuket the number one reason for women return to us for breast revision treatment is due to wishing they had chosen bigger implants during their procedure. It’s important to remember to keep your body proportional to achieve a completely natural look.

Making the decision to go ahead with the breast augmentation process is easy. When you are in the process of selecting the size of your breast implants is where you need to have some patience and take time to be completely comfortable with your decision. The most important thing is that you are comfortable. It doesn’t matter what your partner or family ‘think’ will look the best. It’s completely your own decision so take your time and don’t let anyone or anything pressure you into rushing this step.

Breast Implant materials and shapes

Regardless of if you choose to have silicone, saline or foam breast implants, each shell will be available in a smooth or slightly textured surface. There are many pros and cons for either style. Be sure to research this and discuss with your surgeon at Breast Implants Phuket. Generally the surface is decided on a case by case basis as it relates to your skin tissue elasticity and other medical factors.

Your breast augmentation procedure can be for having low, moderate or high implants. This choice of the process results in how far your breasts will protrude from your chest. Remember to keep your goals in proportion with other parts of your body. There are 2 main shapes that you’ll be able to select from. The round and teardrop styles are available and can dramatically change the appearance of your breasts.

Each of these factors will be discussed with our surgeons as certain choices will result in placement of the implants needing to be either partially or fully underneath the muscles in your chest. The team at Breast Implants Phuket will be available to you throughout the entire process so you are correctly informed on all the advantages and any disadvantages of the breast augmentation options you choose.

Ask about the plastic surgery incision process

The final point to consider when planning your Phuket breast augmentation is the location of the incisions required for the implants to be placed. There are three main options. You can have incisions made around the nipples, under the breast or in your armpit. This point is really dependent on the surgeons recommendations based on your selections for all of the about items.

Each of the surgeons at Breast Implants Phuket are trained and well experienced with all 3 methods so they will consider your preference as well as your body shape and the type/size of implants you have decided on.

Remember, the most important thing is to be completely comfortable with your own decision. Other people can make their recommendations, but you’re doing this to make yourself feel more healthy, attractive or confident, so make the final decisions for yourself with our surgeon’s advice.